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City View Penthouse

SOUTH PARK CENTER features a special events venue space on the 30th floor with state-of-the art video and audio system, including a 20 foot projection screen, and a panoramic view of the City skyline, for corporate events, presentations, weddings or receptions.

Maximum Occupancy: 225 people
Seated Capacity: 200 people
Projector: NEC Model P$4100 ANSI 6200 Lumens
Projector Screen: 11’10”H x 15’8”W
Cordless Microphones: Two (2) Shure SM58/SLX2 Microphones
Media Player: Samsung Blue-Ray Disc Player
Audio: Nine (9) Ceiling Speakers

For information on the City View Penthouse, please contact Adriana Silva at (213) 741-7402 or

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