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Power Failure

In the event of a power failure:

  • Remain calm and in place.
  • If possible, notify Building Management at (213) 741-7400 and/or Building Security at (213) 741-7487, or by sending a runner to a Lobby Console.
  • Turn on a battery-powered radio to find out what is happening in the area.
  • Unplug all electrical equipment and turn off light switches. When power returns, electrical equipment left on may be affected by the possibility of a power surge.
  • Open window coverings for natural lighting.
  • Use flashlights and/or light sticks, as necessary.

It will seldom be necessary to evacuate the property during a power failure unless you are directed to do so by your company manager(s) or Building Management Office personnel. The Public Address System will be used to advise building occupants regarding the extent and duration of the outage. If you are advised to leave, DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS.

  • Lock all doors for security purposes.
  • Use the nearest stairway to exit.
  • Exit in a calm and orderly manner.
  • Relocate to the safe refuge area.
  • If you are trapped in an elevator during a power failure, wait for assistance. Your elevator will cease operations, but it will not fall. Do not force open the doors or otherwise try to force your way out of the elevator. Use the intercom and requests assistance.

The Building has an emergency generator that will operate the fire alarm systems, exit and stairway lighting, stairway smoke evacuation fans and smoke detectors and one elevator at a time.

Building Security will advise all occupants via the public address system regarding the length and cause of the power failure as soon as possible.


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