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Additions and Alterations

Tenants may not make any improvements, alterations, additions or changes to their Premise or any mechanical, plumbing or HVAC facilities or systems pertaining to the Premises without first procuring the prior written consent of the Landlord to such alterations.

Tenants may make strictly cosmetic, non-structural alterations, additions or improvements to the interior of the Premises without Landlord’s consent provided that:

  • Tenant delivers written notification to the Landlord advising of such cosmetic alterations at least ten (10) days prior to the commencement thereof;
  • The aggregate cost of all such cosmetic alterations during any twelve (12) consecutive months does not exceed $50,000.
  • Such cosmetic alterations shall be performed by or on behalf of Tenant in compliance with other provisions of the Lease;
  • Such cosmetic alterations do not require the issuance of a building permit or other governmental approval.

Tenants utilizing outside contractors for modifications, improvements or other construction-related work within their leased premises must provide the Landlord with following documentation prior to the commencement of work:

  • Provide a copy of proposed Space Plan detailing the scope of the modifications/improvements.
  • Contractors contact information and list of sub-contractors.
  • Current Certificate of Insurance from the Contractor and all sub-contractors, pursuant to the limits of coverage required by the Landlord.
  • Contractor shall review and execute a copy of the “Property Rules and Regulations for Construction”.
  • Building Permits, if applicable.

Please contact Building Management at (213) 741-7400 or for a copy of the “Property Rules and Regulations for Construction” and Certificate of Insurance Requirements and/or if you have any questions.

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