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Insurance Requirements

Tenants must maintain insurance coverage pursuant to the terms and condition of their respective Office Lease throughout the term of their lease. Please contact Building Management at (213) 741-7400 or should you have any questions.

Service vendors and contractors performing work or services in and around the Building and in your leased premises must provide a current certificate of insurance with an Endorsement page naming Olive/Hill Street Partners, LLC (“Owner”) and LBA, Inc. (as “Agent for Owner”) as additional insured showing the following limits (as applicable), PRIOR TO THE COMMENCEMENT OF SUCH WORK OR SERVICE:

(a) Commercial General Liability - $5,000,000

Combined Single Limit including:
Contractual Liability
Broad Form Property Damage
Explosion, Collapse & Underground
Property Damage (as necessary)
Products/Completed Operations
Personal Injury
Broad Form General Liability Endorsement
Interest of Employees as Additional Insured

(b) Comprehensive Automobile Liability - $1,000,000

Combined Single Limit including:
Owned Vehicles
Hired Vehicles
Non-owner Vehicles

(c) Worker’s Compensation - Employer’s Liability - 1,000,000

As required by the laws of the state in which the work is to be performed, including Waiver of subrogation endorsement in favor of Olive/Hill Street Partners, LLC (“Owner”) and LBA, Inc. (as “Agent for Owner”).

(d) Additional Commercial General Liability - $5,000,000

In the event Contractor, Subcontractor and/or any other persons performing work in or at the Property are self-insured.

(e) Aircraft Liability (if applicable) - $25,000,000

Combined Single Limit per each occurrence:
Bodily Injury
Passenger Bodily Injury
Property Damage

(f) Olive/Hill Street Partners, LLC (“Owner”) and LBA, Inc. (as “Agent for Owner”) must be named as ADDITIONAL INSURED relative to Commercial General Liability and Comprehensive Automobile Liability. An Endorsement Page for the additional insured must be attached to the Certificate of Insurance.

(g) The Certificate of Insurance must provide at least (30) days prior written notice of cancellation and/or material changes in risks and coverages insured to owner and shall also contain a waiver of subrogation clause acceptable to owner.

Please forward a copy of the Certificate and Endorsement Page to and mail the original to:

Olive/Hill Street Partners, LLC and LBA, Inc.
c/o LBA Realty
1149 S. Hill Street, Suite H300

Los Angeles, CA 90015
PH (213) 741-7400 / 

Should you have any questions, please contact Building Management at (213) 741-7400 or

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