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Smoking Policy

Since 1995, the vast majority of California indoor workplaces were mandated to become smoke-free under the Landmark California Smoke-Free Workplace Act (Labor Code 6404.5).

AS A FRIENDLY REMINDER, please be advised that smoking is NOT permitted ANYWHERE inside the building, INCLUDING but not limited to the stairwells, vestibules, balconies, restrooms, elevators, cafeteria, etc. Furthermore, pursuant to California Bill - Section AB486 , smoking is NOT permitted with 25 feet of any entrance to the building.

The designated smoking area for the Building is located behind the valet driveway adjacent to the loading dock. Please exit the Olive Building lobby towards the valet driveway to access the designated smoking area. As a courtesy to others, please refrain from disposing of cigarette butts in the planters and utilize the trash receptacles provided.

Please be advised that anyone found in violation of the smoking ordinance may be subject to fines imposed by the City of Los Angeles Fire Department. To report a suspected smoking violation in the City of Los Angeles, please contact the SMOKING ORDINANCE HOTLINE at (213) 978-3568.

We appreciate your cooperation. As always, please feel free to contact Building Management at (213) 741-7400 or should you have any questions.

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